Distribution grip dead-end
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CROSSOVER MARKS: Indicate starting point for application.
COLOR CODE AND LENGTH:   Indicates the starting point of installation, as well as help identify distribution grip dead-end model.
IDENTIFICATION TAPE:Show distribution grip dead-end model and applied conductor diameters     .                                                   
RATED HOLDING STRENGTH: In arriving at “Rated Holding Strengths,” actual results of tests on unweathered conductor are studied, and consideration is given to dimensional tolerances for the sizes encompassed.These minimum values are conservative when compared to “typical” values, or, actual tests on conductor which has been in service.
The Distribution-Grip dead-end is designed to grip the conductor uniformly to prevent distortion of the conductor.

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1.This product SHOULD NOT BE USED by anyone who is not familiar With and trained in the use of it.
2.when working in the area of energized lines with this product,EXTRA CARE should be taken to prevent accidental electrical contact.
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