Metal Dome Closure
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Production Characteristics


This product is designed for power line fiber cable (ADSS or OPGW) joint protection. This kind of
closure provides two or more (up to 5) fiber cables connection and easily installed onto the power
tower and pole.
Electrochemical treated aluminum alloy dome provide high mechanical strength, high anti corrosion.
Use the seal ring and silica gel to reach good seal performance and can repeatedly open to increase
the capacity, maintenance, reconnection etc.
The maximum fiber capacity of the single splice tray is 48.
Fiber bending radius: ≥ 43mm
Fiber storage length: ≥ 1.5m
Added signal loss of fiber storage: ≤ 0.01dB
Maximum fiber splice capacity: ≤ 144
Work & storage temperature: -40˚C~+80˚C
Anti compression strength: ≥ 2000N
The dimensions: high=480mm

Weight: 6.7kg