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Product Components

1, SUBSETS (Individual aluminum clad steel rods assembled into groups. The inside is coated with conductive grit)
2, IDENTIFICATION TAG (shows catalog number, nominal sizes)
3, CENTER MARK AND COLOR CODE (Establishes recommended alignment of rods during application)


Production Characteristics


1, OPGW Repair Rods are designed as a single-component, outer layer assembly for use on OPGW and are intended for repair of the outer mechanical strand members on an OPGW cable.
2, The extent of mechanical damage that the product can repair for single layer OPGW is up to 50% of the cable rated strength.
3, OPGW Repair rods are not an optical repair product.
4, The 50% rating is established based on repair rod performance. Contact the OPGW cable manufacture to verify the extent of damage that the specific cable design can survive without jeopardizing the performance of the fiber optic elements. If the cable manufacturer limits the repair level to less than 50%, limit the use of the repair rod to the lower level for that specific cable.

5. Right-hand lay is standard, left-hand lay product is optional



Products catalog table


Catalog Number Diameter Range (inch) Diameter Range (mm) Color Code
3600100R 0.354-0.385 8.9-9.7 Red
3600101R 0.386-0.422 9.8-10.7 Black
3600102R 0.423-0.460 10.8-11.6 Orange
3600103R 0.461-0.505 11.7-12.8 Green
3600104R 0.506-0.550 12.9-13.9 Blue
3600105R 0.551-0.602 14.0-15.2 Yellow
3600106R 0.603-0.660 15.3-16.7 Brown
3600107R 0.661-0.719 16.8-18.2 Purple
3600108R 0.720-0.785 18.3-19.9 Pink
3600109R 0.786-0.850 20.0-21.5 Red
3600110R 0.851-0.933 21.6-23.6 Black
3600111R 0.934-1.020 23.7-25.9 Orange